Andre Ingram Net Worth In 2020 and All You Need to Know

Andre Ingram is an American born seasoned and experienced campaigner basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is a well-known sports celebrity who burst onto the scene as a fearless and confident individual. Ingram has played a lot of seasons with Utah Flash and was known to be an inspirational and impactful player with loads of experience in playing professional basketball leagues worldwide. Ingram was always a player to watch out for since he joined Utah Flash and helped his club to win major basketball titles and championships. Since his grown-up days, Andre made his mindset to become a professional basketball player. In his early days, he showed great courage and fearless attitude to perform and force to reckon player when he was at his elementary level of player.
Andre Ingram
Ingram made significant progress and improvements in-game to help his professional clubs to stay on top in a competitive playing environment. He earned his reputation with goal-scoring abilities and inspirational leadership skills, which made a lot of professional basketball team, draft him in their club. Ingram always played the sports with a lot of passion and dominant the game, which helped his team to perform under intense pressure and guide his team to sustain the expectation from his fan followers. Every time he walked into the playing arena, his fans cheered him up to perform, maintain and defend the basketball title.

Early Life and Career

Famous and seasoned basketball player Andre Ingram came to this planet on Nov 1985 at a place called Virginia. He is a gentle giant and often made his reputation by playing a competitive and fearless approach, which helped his team to perform under immense expectations and demands of playing high-intensity basketball sport consistently. Ingram played for his college basketball at American University, where he has done his job exceptionally and earned the reward as a Patriot league rookie of the year.
Although many big professional basketball clubs offered Ingram, he preferred to join Utah Flash and shown excellent form and grown in confidence in each game he played. Andre played there for four seasons before joining Los Angles D- fenders from 2012 to 2016. Later in 2018, he earned a call up to NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers for playing the last three days of the season. His stint with Lakers helped his earning a lot as he accumulated and received a whopping sum of $13,824 despite not featured in most of the earlier games as he drafted late in the basketball leagues.

Success and Achievements In Life

Andre Ingram
With his commendable and fearless approach to the game, Ingram always the player to watch out for. He performed and led like an example for his professional basketball team. After showing great potential as a seasoned campaigner, Andre Ingram received many accolades and labeled with some of the basketball legends in the past. He garnered massive acknowledgment and deserved all recognition the way he guided his club to the title glory. Ingram is known to be a good reader of the game and understands the game demands and accordingly plays with a lot of freedom and pride at stake.

Andre Ingram Net Worth is $100 Thousand

Andre Ingram
Basketball player Andre Ingram’s career progress is a lot to do with his game plan with the opposition team and understands the weak link and therefore played an aggressive brand of the game, which excites his fans and supporters of the basketball sport. His current net earnings are estimated at around $100 thousand.


Legend of the basketball game, Andre Ingram is well placed and is in a demanded athlete who earned his place in the team line-up after showing excellent performance and improvements. Ingram overhaul association with basketball sport and leagues helps him to perform. It motivates his teammates to achieve fame and reputation the way he so far able to earn respect from his clubs.
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