Big Meech Net Worth In 2020 and Everything That You Need to Know

An American drug dealer and one of the wealthiest criminal Big Meech is currently serving 30 years of imprisonment after done serious crime in conviction with drug mafia. His real name is Demetrius Flenory. Besides a criminal background, Big Meech earned her wealth and fortune by running an infamous black mafia family, a drug trafficking organization that deals with export drugs and cocaine all over the country. Right from the grown-up days, Big Meech and his brother wanted to achieve name and fame as they belong to a weak and underprivileged family. They dream of something big and started to do the export business in drugs and cocaine.
Big Meech
Big Meech, along with his brother, founded and incorporated the Criminal Enterprise in Detroit, where the primary intention was to bring in more money and power at the same time earns an unprecedented drug dealer reputation. The black mafia family did all kinds of drug dealership and dealt with cocaine and smuggling with a lot of success. They have mostly covered countries where theft and drug deal were quickly gain the highest recognition. Big Meech and his gang then founded BMF entertainment to strengthen the power of the drug business. But after some time, the Drug Enforcement Administration caught them and taken into the custody for found guilty of criminal charges, and as a result, Big Meech and his brother sentenced to imprisonment for 30 years in 2005. Big Meech is currently serving his crime and would release from prison on 5th May 2032.

Early Life

The drug lord and record label owner Big Meech was born on 21st June 1968 in Ohio, U.S. He has a young brother, and they both managed and dealt with all their drug dealership and export cocaine in other territories. Big Meech began selling when he was in high school, and due to their low-income source, they cannot afford to live a decent lifestyle. That was the time when Big Meech and his brother came to sell cocaine to all parts of the world and able to reach a massive reputation as a power-packed drug dealer emperor. After a couple of years, both Meech and his brother could not avoid the infamous drug deal business and arrested for selling cocaine and found guilty of charges which derailed their future business ambition.

Professional Career and Achievements

Black mafia family entered the world of entertainment with the leadership of Big Meech. They formed BMF entertainment as a promotion agency and found a lot of name and fame. Big Meech was the man behind the idea of BMF entertainment launched in the entertainment industry, and his concept was successful.
Big Meech
He did not plan to come up with the idea of not only money laundering but also money will be generated through this kind of entertainment business. Big Meech is known for a man who always had something bigger plan in mind, and has fully utilized his resources to launch a big entertainment network like BMF Entertainment. He made full use of his available resources and created his name and fame without any reference from other sources.

Big Meech Net Worth Is $100 Million

Big Meech – Drug Funded Empire
As of April 2020, Big Meech is able to earn around $100 million. Most of his money and wealth came early in his struggling life when he was in high school. He had a dominant name in drug dealership and cocaine smuggling and even founder of his big ambitious record label company BMF Entertainment.


Big Meech has so far created his personality as a drug dealer and a cocaine business. While he is currently serving his imprisonment under the bar, we can only hope that his wealth and fortune will somewhat change his luck, and he will do something goodwill work for his country and society when he will release from jail.
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