Piers Morgan Net Worth In 2020 & All You Need To Know

Piers Morgan is a British born acclaimed television reporter, journalist, and television personality. Best known for his work as a presenter on the Good Morning Britain show where he interviews many current celebrities around the world. Morgan has so far able to earn his reputation through mainstream works that related to media journalism and has been a towering personality in news correspondence. He worked for a news editor and made his reputation proud, and he also has done numerous works as a reporter for South London News way back in 1985.

Piers Morgan
Soon Piers Morgan became a famous presenter, and he was late in his career, often dragged into several news controversies and, therefore, always featured in news column big stories. Over the years, Morgan entered into a different professional career and got success with his effort and presentation skill set. He had involved in many news scandals while reporting for the top news channel and has been fired by leading news company Daily Mirror. Morgan refused to apologize for publishing photos that show British soldiers attacking Iraqi civilians, which later result in the fake and false allegation. He was also criticized for his infamous phone-hacking scandal, which involved the Daily Mirror while he was in an editorial position.

Early Life and Professional Career

Television presenter and news reporter Piers Morgan was born in Surrey, England. He was raised catholic, and his parents moved to Sussex a few months after he born. Morgan found interest in media, reporting, and other professions, and after he did study journalism from Harlow College, he soon gets numerous works for news channels and editorial jobs. He was often seen with some of the iconic celebrities and taken photos to instantly become an admirable and most talked about news achiever person.
Piers Morgan
He has also had a chance to take over the position of Rupert Murdoch, and the 29-year-old Morgan has grabbed the opportunity and became the youngest editor of a national newspaper in 50 years. Piers Morgan worked for News of the World for quite some time and left the job after drawing some allegation and controversies surrounded by his activities. He was blamed for publishing photos with Catherine Victoria Lockwood, who was then the wife of Charles, and the matter went against the editor’s breach of conduct.

Personal Life and Spouse

In 1991, Morgan married Marion Shalloe and their relationship to some extent successful until they announce their separation after the failure of substantial build-up in marriage. They divorced in 2008. After that, he married for the second time to media journalist Celia Walden. Morgan is quite interested in football and is an ardent fan of the Arsenal football club. He has some other passion and has supported the conservative party a lot during his professional career. In December 2018, Morgan wrote a letter to Donald Trump following his interest in the white house chief of staff.

Piers Morgan Net Worth

Piers Morgan
As of the current time, Piers Morgan’s net earnings are quite close to the $25 million figure mark. He was very successful in his decades of outing as a journalist and held the prestigious designation of some of the reputed news agencies for the editorial position. He was very well paid when he anchored his news show Piers Morgan Live and got paid annually $2 million for the show.


Morgan always stays engaged and involved in digging deeper into the life of celebrities. Therefore he is undoubtedly the most hated reporter around in the personalities. Piers earned his name and fame with sheer effort and silenced his critics with incredible wealth and fortune. Although he is sometimes heavily criticized for his work, there is no doubt that Piers Morgan is still is an inspirational and impactful celebrity at the moment.
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