Strange Adventures Release Date, Trailer, and All You Need To Know

Strange adventures is a new anthology series that will be telecast on HBO MAX. The series will be set in the DC Universe, starring Adam Strange as the lead character. The show will be produced by Berlanti alongside Sarah Schechter and John Stephens. Charlie Huston is also a co-executive producer with Brigitte Hales and Selwyn Seyfu Hinds.
HBO Max has planned and has continued to unveil new TV shows that were supposed to be launched in May 2020, as they were starting new DC Superhero action shows. The two mysterious TV Projects included the Green Lantern and Strange Adventures.
The story is about Adam Strange, who is supposed to be an archaeologist turned Superhero after being zeta beamed to planet Rann. This is expected to be a one-hour drama, and it will feature characters from the DC Universe, and it will be about intersecting their lives, i.e., of mortals and superhumans. You may also expect a crossover of two or more characters from the DC Universe.
The character of Adam Strange had featured earlier in the brilliant series of Krypton, which was canceled. The Strange Adventures does not have any connection with Krypton. Berlanti had said that “Both of these DC original content will be created for HBO MAX and will be unlike anything seen on television before.”
He also said, “An anthology series of cautionary tales set in a world where superpowers exist, and, in what promises to be our biggest DC show ever made, we will be going to space with a Green Lantern series, but I can’t reveal anything more about that just yet.”

Strange Adventures
Two upcoming shows on HBO MAX based upon DC Universe

The coincidence is that a recent comic book series of Tom King and Mitch Gerads is also named as ‘Strange Adventures.’ There are 244 issues of comic series from 1950 to 1973, which focuses on science fiction stories but later started involving caped crusaders.
People who have read the issues have said that it is a humor-based and ridiculous whereas some people say that they are scary and provoking in nature. The show is exciting for a number of reasons, such as they will be digging deep into the values of DC and feature some old and forgotten DC characters. It will change the pace of DC on screen and focus solely on superheroes.


Until now, there has been nothing officially announced or revealed about the cast yet by the production house, but as soon as we get any updates, we will be telling you guys.


The trailer for Strange Adventures was released on 21st February 2020 by the official YouTube channel of DC. No official dates for the release of the series have been announced. It is said to be an ambitious, thrilling, shocking, and beautiful 12 issue saga pushing Adam to breaking point and beyond. You can watch the trailer below.

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