Tamara Ecclestone Net Worth In 2020 and All You Need To Know

Well known British supermodel, socialite and aspiring celebrity Tamara Ecclestone is pretty much is well settled in her life. She is the daughter of the former formula racing owner Bernie Ecclestone. Born and raised in the wealthy status of a family, Tamara inherited all her wealth and reputation from her father. Since the childhood days, Tamara was quite interested in pursuing a full-fledged modeling career. She ably supported by her parents and her mother, who was also a renowned model by profession.

Tamara Ecclestone
From the early days, Tamara was a successful and top supermodel and earned a lot of reputation for featuring brands and beauty products. She often tagged into glamour and lifestyle, where she mostly done numerous work as a model and also involved many social activities that lead to her life more engaging and eventful. Tamara is known for her role as anchor and even presenter for Sky Sports Italia coverage of the 2009 formula one season. She was pretty much familiar with stardom as her parent’s also wealthy celebrities, and Tamara inherited all her recognition from her parents. Tamara appeared nude for an anti-Furr advertisement campaign, which was for the people for ethical treatments of animals (PETA). She even runs her own television production company with great success.

Early Life and Schooling

Famous supermodel Tamara Ecclestone’s birthplace was in Milan, Italy. She is the daughter of racing owner Bernie Ecclestone and therefore accumulates a lot of star power and reputation from the beginning of her early days of life. Tamara attended at Francis Holland School in London. Still, she had to drop out, citing she was pursued a modeling career and hence not interested in her psychology degree, which she earlier supposed to get.
In her modeling career, Tamara featured and made her reputation proud of appearing as a top-notch supermodel. She modeled for reputed brands like Armani and Playboy magazine before joining her professional Television debut as an anchor and presenter for RedBull Air Race World Championship for Channel 4. Both she and her sister worked upon to introduce a wide range of fashion and trendy products, including sunglasses and branded watches.

Personal Life and Husband

Tamara Ecclestone married twice in her personal life. She engaged to Jonathan Ketterman in 2002. Their marriage worked well until Ketterman was suspected and found guilty of trying to blackmail Tamara. In 2013, Tamara again married Jay Rutland, and together they blessed with a baby girl.

Tamara Ecclestone Net Worth Is $300 Million.

Socialite and prominent ace supermodel Tamara Ecclestone’s current net earnings is around $300 million, including her involvement in glamour and lifestyle products business. She accumulates a lot of wealth through as a top supermodel and featuring among the top brands and endorses products. She starred as a model in most of the elite and current days’ popular trending brands.


Well, Tamara Ecclestone is a seasoned and highly reputed celebrity who often is in the spotlight for her life success and remarkable wealth and stardom. She continues to earn the highest regards and fame with her professional career and inspire many young budding people to establish like the way she regained her reputation and popularity.
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