Points to Consider When Designing a Subscription Website

The importance of user experience and user interface when it comes to subscription pages cannot be overstated. Below are the main UX and UI points to be considered when designing the front page of a subscription website.
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1. Display Visual Elements That Build Trust

The most important visual elements of any e-commerce page are those that build trust. These visual cues help the potential customer commit to a purchase by reducing their anxiety when they have to buy.
Generally, having a professional but friendly design, displaying social-proof by means of testimonials and past-customer reviews, and displaying seals of secure connections and refund policies greatly help with making the users feel more comfortable.

2. Make Subscribing Easy & Attention-Grabbing

Every step in a user’s journey can be ranked by importance and the page where the user subscribes or purchases is definitely the most important one. It’s important to make the process of subscribing as short, seamless, and easy as possible by reducing the number of forms that need to be filled and buttons to be clicked. The easiest way to make that happen is to direct attention to the call-to-action, and that can be accomplished by making the CTA element a different color (generally brighter and more prominent) or at least ensure it contrasts suitably.

3. Provide Options & Compare the Benefits

Providing options on a subscription page is essential when it comes to reducing user anxiety. Most users won’t suffer buyer’s remorse if the purchase that they committed to is not done by impulse and is considered to be well thought out. Displaying a comparison of benefits and by having various subscription plans in the first place is key.

4. De-Clutter Your Subscription Page

A subscribe page has to be simple, straightforward, and should facilitate the main goal: making the subscription take place. For this, de-cluttering the page and keeping only the essentials on it would be the way to go. Prioritize readability, ease of use, and one main action or choice.
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