Should I Use WooCommerce to Accept Payments for Membership

Using Simple WordPress Membership, you can accept payments for a membership via PayPal or Stripe without the need for an extension or addon. While this works well for the majority of users, others may wish to accept payments with WooCommerce to create a seamless checkout for their potential customers.
The WooCommerce Integration addon allows users of WooCommerce to sell their products, services and their memberships via the same checkout page. It also allows them to use any of the payment gateway options allowed by WooCommerce. Some choose to use this addon as they wish to use Square, Braintree or Amazon Pay. The addon simply creates a branch between WooCommerce and PMpro.
WooCommerce Quotes and Orders
Use the WooCommerce integration addon if you:
  • Already use WooCommerce to sell other products or services on your website
  • Intend on creating other products or services with WooCommerce in the future
  • Wish to accept payments through a gateway offered by WooCommerce
  • Are happy with the look/feel of an WooCommerce checkout
  • Believe your customers are more likely to proceed to make a payment if they know you are using WooCommerce
  • Are comfortable with the support/setup of WooCommerce

How Does the PMPro and WooCommerce Integration Work?

When you use Paid Membership Pro, WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Integration Addon you create a WooCommerce product just like you would create any other product from the WooCommerce menu.
The membership product will have the look and feel of an WooCommerce product. The only difference is, you create a product that is linked to a PMPRO. Once a successful transaction has been completed, a notification is sent from WooCommerce to PMpro and the membership account creation and permissions are handled by PMPro automatically.
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