Top reasons why eBooks are better than traditional books

Are you a fan of modern technology but also a bibliophile? If you are, have you tried one of the best gadgets for book lovers - eReader? E-reader represents a revolution in the world of books. It is an electronic device specially designed for reading e-books and magazines. Using an e-reader you will be able to carry your whole library with you wherever you go!


Instead of packing tons of books in a suitcase that you can read them on vacation, download e-books! An e-reader is capable of keeping thousands of books while weighing less than one book. If you're used to traditional books, and you are suspicious about electronics, but kind of curious and tempted to read e-books, check our article and see the advantages of eBooks versus Traditional books.

EBooks help us to save the planet!

Publishing and reading books is very important for humanity, but it’s not that good for our planet and nature, too. Producing paper and publishing printed books requires cutting down trees and destroying forests on our planet. The best example is an incident in 2010 when a novel written by Jonathan Franzen had a few innocent typographical errors after printing. Because of that, 80,000 copies were recalled, destroyed and reprinted with the errors fixed. That's a big number, isn't it? That’s why we’re asking a question - how harmful are traditional books for the environment?

They protect the environment and improve our quality of life.

We can save the environment and improve our quality of life using eBooks in many ways. The statistics have shown that people read about 15 books a year on average. Using a gadget to read books can attract them more. Besides, the carbon footprint from an e-reader is set around 330 pounds, while books are around 15 pounds. So, you would need to read about 22 books on an e-reader in order to match the carbon footprint of 22 books in print. To be more precise, reading 44 books on an e-reader, is reducing your carbon footprint by 50%! Using an e-reader and switching to ebooks will drastically reduce the carbon footprint.

Carry your library with you!

The best thing about eBooks is that they are portable, lightweight and you can carry them whenever you go! Instead of packing your whole library for a vacation, you can carry a small eBook reader holding thousands of eBooks! Ereader is saving a lot of space not only in your suitcase but in your home, too. If you live in a small home, you don’t have to worry anymore about the book storage limit. With just one device you will be able to have thousands of books.

Affordable price.

Thinking about tech gift ideas on a budget? Ebook is the perfect solution. Did it happen that a new edition of your favorite book came out and you were shocked by the price? Ebooks are often cheaper in the long run than traditional books because there are no printing fees associated with them. Besides, you can find tons of free eBooks online, while we can’t say the same about printed books.

Great for students and employees!

Having just one traditional book, especially if it’s rare and expensive, can be real trouble for students. With eReader, you are able to share the eBook contents with multiple users. You can share a printed book with one person at a time, but an eBook can be shared with many people at once, which is great for students and employees! They can share and use the same content and easily collaborate. Students can put all the learning material in one device and use it at home or while traveling. Besides, some eReaders come with the option of offline accessibility, allowing people to use it even in the absence of an internet connection.
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